Guide to Liverworts of Oregon: Key to Genera 27


1b plants leafy > 3b leaves not divided, not ciliate > 6a oil bodies 2+ or unknown > 7b no small dorsal lobe > 10a succubous > 11b isophyllous > 25b leaves not bifid >.25 > 27

Hybrobiella laxifolia; Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Schofield 13,376.

27a Leaves bilobed 0.5 to 0.25 their length; oil bodies rare or absent; perianths long; rare
Hygrobiella laxifolia

Haplomitrium hookeri; Sutton Beach, Lane Co., Oregon; DHW m1274c.

27b Leaves entire, irregularly ovate to rhombic; oil bodies conspicuous, smaller than chloroplasts,numerous; perianths absent, the sporophyte emerging from a large, fleshy calyptra; rare
Haplomitrium hookeri


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