Guide to Liverworts of Oregon: Key to Genera 26


1b plants leafy > 3b leaves not divided, not ciliate > 6a oil bodies 2+ or unknown > 7b no small dorsal lobe > 10a succubous > 11b isophyllous > 25a leaves bilobed more than 0.5 > 26

Herbertus aduncus, Ucluelet, Tofino, BC. Schofield 13469.

26a Leaves 1 mm or longer, with vitta of elongated cells extending up the middle of the lobes; leaf cells with coarse,bulging trigones; oil bodies averaging 7-13 per cell; plants dark brown or blackish; leaf tips not appressed; rare, on rocks or trees

Anthelia juratzkana, Lane Co., Oregon. DHW 2584.

26b Leaves less than 0.5 mm; leaf cells more or less uniform in shape and wall thickness, without bulging trigones; no oil bodies; leaves tightly appressed, the shoots julaceous; plants usually whitish; frequent in alpine-subalpine terrestrial habitats


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