Guide to Liverworts of Oregon: Key to Genera 11


1b plants leafy > 3b leaves not divided, not ciliate > 6a oil bodies 2+ or unknown > 7b no small dorsal lobe > 10a succubous > 11

Left: Porella cordaeana, Klamath Co., Oregon. DHW 8428;right: Cephalozia otaruensis, Coos Co., Oregon. DHW m0778

11a Plants anisophyllous, the underleaves smaller than and/or differing from the leaves, orunderleaves absent; many species of widespread distribution, many common
(Couplet 12)

(Left:Herbertus aduncus, Jefferson Co., Washington. DHW m11103; right: Anthelia juratzkana, Lane Co., Oregon. DHW 2584)

11b Plants isophyllous, the underleaves almost the same size and shape as the lateral leaves, the stemthus having 3 equal rows of leaves; few species, mostly found at high elevations, most not common
(Couplet 25)


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