Guide to Liverworts of Oregon: Key to Genera 1


(Left: Riccardia multifida, King County, Washington. DHW m1947. Right: Conocephalum conicum, Lincoln County, Oregon.)

1a Plants thallose, either flattened and strap-like or in irregular fleshy mounds; predominantly terrestrial, predominantly on raw mineral soil.
(Couplet 2)

(Left: Chiloscyphus profundus, King County, Washington. DHW m1938. Right: Porella cordaeana, Lane County, Oregon. DHW s.n.)

1b Plants leafy, with clearly differentiated cylindrical stems and leaves; found on many substrates but most prominent on organic substrates as rotting logs, peaty soil, and the trunks and branches of woody plants.
(Couplet 3)

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