Guide to Liverworts of Oregon: Key to Genera 55


1b plants leafy > 3b leaves not divided, not ciliate > 6a oil bodies 2+ or unknown > 7b no small dorsal lobe > 10a succubous > 11a anisophyllous > 12b leaves bilobed > 37b if rhizoids red, stems red > 38a shoots wider than 1 mm > 39b underleaves inconspicuous > 55 Leaf insertion

Marsupella bolanderi, Monterey Co., California. DHW m1230

55a Leaves transversely inserted; ; shoots typically erect; the leaves sometimes somewhat secund on inclined shoots
(Couplet 56)

Cephalozia lunulifolia, Douglas Co., Oregon. DHW 8709.

55b Leaves obliquely inserted, succubous; shoots typically sprawling or decumbent
(Couplet 58)


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