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9. Urban Weeds (excluding lawns)

This assemblage is restricted to plants growing on hard surfaces and open soil. For now, I am ignoring lawn and garden weeds because they are hard to i.d. for the most part, e.g. species of Brachythecium and Bryum. Two species appear to be nonnative: Tortula muralis, which is a distinct calciphile main confined to cementitious materials, and Lunularia cruciata, a species of wet soils. Do mosses hurt roofs? Only if allowed to grow until well established, then cleaned: cleaning moss off hurts roofs! Mosses function as pollution scavengers in urban environments, removing toxic substances from the water stream.

Bryum argenteum.

Bryum capillare.

Ceratodon purpureus.

Didymodon vinealis.

Funaria hygrometrica.

Grimmia pulvinata.

Lunularia cruciata.

Tortula muralis.

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