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11. Soil, Trail & Road Cuts

Bare, mineral soil is found in naturally disturbed sites such as root wads of windthrow, recently scoured soil of stream banks, and rodent diggings. Sites with this substrate are multiplied many times in exposures of road cuts and trail cuts. There is great diversity in this community. Many species are small, ephemeral, and hard to identify. Most of these species are pioneers and colonists which are important for soil stabilization. They are best developed in exposed, sunny sites which are continually moist in spring but may dry out in summer.

Anthoceros fusiformis.

Atrichum selwynii .

Brachythecium velutinum.

Bryum capillare.

Calypogeia fissa.

Ceratodon purpureus.

Claopodium whippleanum.

Didymodon vinealis.

Fissidens crispus.

Fossombronia pusilla.

Funaria hygrometrica.

Jungermannia rubra.

Polytrichastrum alpinum.

Polytrichum juniperinum.

Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans.

Scleropodium touretii.

Timmiella crassinervis.

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