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14. Shady Cliffs

Shady cliffs are often covered with rich mats of bryophytes. All of the mosses which grow in sunny sites may be found here. These species are not repeated in the following gallery. The mosses of sunny rocks are mostly of secondary prominence on shady cliffs. The most luxuriant bryophyte colonies are found where there is a source of moisture to keep the mat wet most of the year. Shady, seepy cliffs are often very rich in diversity because of the diversity of felicitous, protected growing sites. Excellent places to fine interesting mosses along with an interesting complement of liverworts are on shady, north facing cliffs at the top of steep ridges.

Amphidium californicum.

Hypnum subimponens.

Isothecium stoloniferum.

Porella cordaeana.

Porella roellii.

Racomitrium varium.

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