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16. Stream Rocks, Amphibious

There are a number of species whose habitat is characterized by proximity to river and stream sides, particularly cliffs and boulders at the bottom of a narrow valley. Members of this community include those known as rheophytes, subject to inundation for part of winter and spring (amphibious) but out of running water for part of the year. They are intolerant of drying but like growing in the splash zone. A few are capable of surviving in essentially aquatic conditions.

Brachythecium frigidum.

Dichodontium pellucidum.

Isothecium stoloniferum.

Kindbergia praelonga.

Marchantia polymorpha.

Porotrichum bigelovii.

Racomitriuim aciculare.

Racomitrium varium.

Scapania undulata.

Schistidium rivulare.

Scleropodium obtusifolium.

Scouleria aquatica.

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